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arya samaj 2016-17  

MHAC organised Ved Prachar Saptah



In the country known for Vedas, Ved Prachar Saptah was organised by MHAC School, Nagbani.

The activities began with Mantra Ucharan and then imporatance of Vedas was explained by Dharam Shiksha experts in the school.

As per the description in Vedas, one yoga shivir was organised. Vedic Hawan was performed for the villagers around Nagbani School wherein the villagers were gifted with the Veda’s books.

More than 1000 students of MHAC organised a rally holding banners, & flags with the slogans pertaining Vedas. The rally went through the local areas around MHAC School.

Around 30 plants of Sukhchain, Arjuna & Tecoma were planted by the Principal, Staff & students of MHAC on the road sides outside campus.

The school also fixed dustbins on the road side for the villagers to contribute towards cleanliness campaign. Indian heritage was presented with beautifully choregraphed dances during this week.

On the concluding day, Principal MHAC Mr. Alok Betab addressed the gathering of villagers & the students & explained the values of Vedas’ knowledge in our life & asked every one to act in virtuous manner and be a good human.