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Youth Conference at MHAC School, Nagbani Jammu
Event Start Date : 27/11/2019 Event End Date 27/11/2019

Youth Conference at MHAC School, Nagbani Jammu

27th Nov, 2019'

A Youth Conference was held at Maharaja Hari Singh Agricultural Collegiate School, Nagbani Jammu  on 27th November, 2019 to celebrate ‘National Youth Day’. Honorable Government of India declared Swami Vivekananda’ sacred birthday (12th January) as ‘National Youth Day’. As a part of the program to observe the National Youth Day 2020, Youth conference in the school was headed by swami Vedasarananda ji Maharaja, Assistant Secretary Ramakrishna Mission TB Sanatorium, Ranchi on “How the modern youth can develop their personality?”  A swami/Monk of the Ramakrishna order who has already accomplished a wide-spread recognition and support with the younger generation of the country through his numerous lectures had been invited to speak in this program to motivate the students. Swami ji as Assistant Secretary of Ramakrishna mission TB Sanatorium, Ranchi, one of the biggest hospital in Jharkhand. His lectures on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda Ji helped students seek inspiration and motivation. ‘Swadesh Mantra Path’ in English and Hindi was done by the school students to instill patriotism. Principal, Ms. Sween Puri welcomed Swami ji. A vote of thanks was given by bBr. Gantam Maharaj. The program concluded with National Anthem.